Baby Hair Brush w/ Natural Bristles (100% Boar), white or peppermint


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A wonderful Hairbrush for your Grandchild or a Gift for a Baby Shower!

  • Baby Hair Brushw with Soft Natural Bristles (100% Boar, no Synthetic Bristles)
  • In Man-Made Material, two colors - white or peppermint
  • Length is 5-7/8 inches, made from non-breakable Material
  • 5 rows of Natural Bristles are easy to wash
  • A wonderful Soft Baby Hair Brush - ideal for an Infant.
How to Use:

The Baby Hairbrush - use it gentle on Baby's Head. The Natural Bristles are 100% Boar Bristles and washable. The Baby Hairbrush has the right size for an Infant and doesn't break.

Shipping Details:

Domestic Shipping: USPS - First Class Mail = $4.95, USPS - Priority Mail = $8.95 / To Canada: USPS - First Class Air Mail = $11.95 / To Australia: USPS - First Class Air Mail, 1 = $16.90, 2-3 = $26.90