Gold-Plated Metal Tube Styling Brush, medium w/ Nylon Bristles, hand-applied Knobs #110-GM

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An Unique Gold-Plated Styling Brush, medium w/ anti-static Nylon Bristles and hand-applied Knobs - for shoulder long Hair. The ideal Blow Dryer Brush - your Hair will look perfect every Day!

  • Genuine Gold-Plated Metal Tube Styling Brush with wooden Body, ergonomic shaped Handle
  • Brush Length is 9-1/2 inches, Diameter is 2 inches, size - medium
  • Angled rows of anti-static Nylon Bristles for easy rolling in and out off the hair.
  • The best Hairbrush for fast and easy Hair Styling, it works well for Casual Hair Styles.
How to Use:
The unique Gold Plated Metal Tube Styling Brush for medium long Hair - the best Blow Dryer Brush - You will love it! No more bad Hair Days!

You can make your Hair look fuller by just rolling with the Gold-Plated Styling Brush over the Top Layer of your Hair and use the Blow Dryer in the Front of the Brush - ideal for Casual Hair Styles!
The anti-static Nylon Bristles have hand-applied Knobs (they don't come off, they protect your Hair); the Hairbrush does not generate Electricity in your Hair.

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