Boar Bristle Hair Styling Brush, large (100% Boar), Beech wood #051-L



The round Wooden Styling Brush, large w/ Pure Boar Bristles is easy to handle! The Hairbrush can be used to style and straighten Hair.

  • An excellent Boar Bristle Styling Brush for every Hair Textures, ideal for longer Hair
  • Length is 8 1/2 inches, Diameter is 2.00 inches, Beech wood - dark
  • 10 rows of Pure Boar Bristles (100% Boar, no Synthetic Bristles)
  • Angled rows of Boar Bristles for easy rolling in and out off the hair.
How to Use

The large Boar Bristle Styling Brush (2 inches in diameter) styles well longer and thick Hair; with the ergonomic shaped handle the brush is easy to handle, well balanced and not heavy in your hand.

The Rows of Boar Bristles are angled for easy rolling; it is enough Space between each row of Boar Bristles that the Hair does not tangle up when you style your Hair.

Shipping Details

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