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One hundred strokes per day with a PURE BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH for healthy, shiny hair!Genuine Gold-Plated Hair Styling Brushes:

Our very special Hair Styling Brushes with Gold-Plated Metal Tubes heat especially fast! You can make a firm curl on damp or dry hair in no time.
You can style your hair just like a Professional!

Hair Styling Brushes:

You will be amazed, how fast and easy you can style your hair yourself with our Hair Styling Brushes. Your hair will look perfect like it has been styled by a Professional everyday!

Paddle Hairbrushes:

The ideal brush for your Daily Hair Care. With either Pure Boar Bristles, or antistatic Nylon Bristles with hand-applied Knobs.
Brushing your hair will activate the blood circulation in your scalp, also cleans the hair from hairspray and dust. Immediately you will feel better and the day's stress will disappear.

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boar bristle hair brushes wooden hairbrushes round hair styling brushes men's boar bristle hair brushes 100% natural boar bristle hair brushes wooden paddle hairbrushes soft baby hair brushes benefits of boar bristle brushes

Gentlemen Hairbrushes:

Gentlemen Hairbrushes with Pure Boar Bristles, or Softer Boar Bristles for lighter hair. Hairbrushes are made in lightweight wood, or in Pear wood (Hardwood).
Our very special Old-fashioned Men's Pocket Hairbrush will make a handsome addition to any men's grooming accessories.

Specialty Brushes:

Baby Hairbrushes with Soft Natural Bristles

Facial Brush with Pure Goat Hair

Old-time Teaser Hairbrush

Baby Hairbrushes

Facial-Powder Brush

Old-Time Teaser Hairbrush

Pure Boar Bristles:

  • Do not damage your hair

  • They do not generate Static Electricity

  • They maintain your Hair's Elasticity

  • And they are easy to clean.

As the old Saying goes:
One hundred strokes per day with a
Pure Boar Bristle Brush for healthy, shiny hair!

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