Hair Dryer Brushes - How to use our Hairbrushes

Unique Gold-Plated Styling Brushes, the perfect Hair Dryer Brushes:

The Gold-Plated Metal Tube Styling Hairbrushes work excellent for a Casual Hair Style (No Rollers, No Hot Iron). They make your Hair look fuller and they are very gentle on your Hair.
The Gold-Plated Styling Brushes are easy to handle! They have an ergonomic-shaped handle for easy rolling, they are well balanced and not heavy in your hand.

Your Hair will look perfect as it has been styled by a Professional everyday!

The Paddle Hairbrushes for your Daily Hair Care:

Brush your Hair with a good Pure Boar Bristle Hairbrush Daily!

Brushing will activate the Blood Circulation and the Oil Glands in your Scalp; your Hair is easier to manage and looks healthier.

Also it can stimulate the Growth of your Hair!

The Boar Bristles in our Paddle Hairbrushes are in uneven length, so that the Brushes do not slip out off the Hair.